About Us

A pharmacy that is both innovative and friendly.

Port Orange Pharmacy is a Florida-based, full-service pharmacy committed to providing excellent pharmaceutical products and services to all of its customers. Our pharmacists have significant knowledge of the latest pharmacy innovations and products, ensuring that we provide the highest standard of care to the people that we serve.

Why Port Orange Pharmacy?

We make high-quality pharmaceutical products and services accessible to all by offering them at the most cost-effective prices possible. We offer our services to everyone without regard for age, race, color, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or any other legally protected basis, in accordance with applicable law.

Mission Statement

To improve the quality of life of every person that serve by consistently delivering high-quality and personalized pharmaceutical services designed to address each person’s needs and circumstances.

Vision Statement

To become an industry leader in delivering pharmaceutical products and services. We will be known for quality products and cost-effective services delivered by pharmacy professionals.

Emad Kamel and Dimetry Ghabras’ Biography

Dr. Ghabras

Emad Kamel and Dimetry Ghabras have teamed up to provide the ultimate care and support for the surrounding community. They are both committed to restore the true image of the drugstore that has been diluted over the years. They firmly believe that the financial burden for medical treatment on certain individuals and families should be reduced heavily. Dr. Ghabras has been a very successful, efficient, and highly reputable pharmacist for years and he will continue to serve the community with great proficiency. Emad Kamel has also held significant leadership roles in the city and in corporate management. He has provided companies with a great deal of success. Combined, they have led significant patient care leadership roles for over 40 years for a leading pharmaceutical company in the nation. Both Mr. Kamel and Dr. Ghabras will strive to meet the needs of their “Port Orange Pharmacy and Medical Supplies” patients by any means necessary. Port Orange Pharmacy will allow the city along with its respected residents to blossom through the unique personal care and medical supplies provided.

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For more information about our pharmacy and services, contact us at 386-366-8888.