Coordinating the refill of your medications for your convenience.

Are you tired of making multiple trips to the pharmacy to pick up medication refills that are scheduled at different times? Do you often fail to take your medication because you’ve run out and missed picking up your refill on time?

If you are looking for a more convenient way to pick up your prescription refills, our Med-Synchronization service at Port Orange Pharmacy may be the solution you are looking for.

Through Med-Synchronization, we allow our clients to synchronize their medications so that they can receive them on the same day on a monthly basis, helping them save on multiple trips to the pharmacy. The benefits of Med-Synchronization include:

  • Eliminating repeated trips to the pharmacy
  • Avoiding the disruption of treatment due to delayed or missed refills
  • Eliminating the need to make multiple prescription refill requests
  • Minimizing confusion over when a prescription is due to be filled
  • Providing patients with the opportunity to meet with their pharmacist on a monthly basis to discuss their medications and other concerns

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Don’t hesitate to contact us at 386-366-8888 if you have any questions about this service. For a more detailed discussion, you may schedule a pharmacist consultation at your convenience.